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March Newsletter

posted Feb 24, 2015, 2:59 PM by CHC Rescue Service   [ updated Feb 24, 2015, 3:07 PM ]

Upcoming Events

February 26: Executive Committee meeting at HQ. 6pm.

March12: Cave/Cliff/ Technical Unit training.

March 21: Savage Gulf Marathon stand-by.

March 26: EC meeting to be followed by Annual elections. Please plan to attend.

Chief’s Corner

Since last month there have been activities, calls and work completed on several fronts. If you have been out to the hall recently, you noticed the new bay heater as well as repairs to other heaters. We have also repaired some plumbing and completed the installation of a new front door as well as replacement of an outside closet door. (Please keep the front door unlocked for now as the outside screen is still on a coded system.) Most recently, both ice makers have had scheduled maintenance and are functioning great. We have Rehab 1 back in service and it has already been active on calls. It is very exciting to announce we have new Support Team members, Brady Farley and Aaron Rockwood, who both work at Puckett EMS. Hopefully by next month we will have another one or two as others have applied. Also in the news of the Support Team, I want to thank Capt. Brewer, Lt. Frazier, Jennifer Freeman, Christie Clark, Kermit Wiggins and Ronald Haynes for moving and restocking Rehab 1 to get it back in service. Anthony Ragland was one of the first for re-christening Rehab 1 on a call. We just finished our second month of joint training with the entire squad so now members have had CPR, Blood-borne Pathogens, EVOC and VKF for the year. Rumor even has it that some food was purchased for the event but please make sure you don’t tell our treasurer. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend. As a final note, remember March is the election month for the Executive Committee as well as three board members. Please make sure you vote and participate in the process.

Chief Lewis

January’s Executive Committee Meeting Minutes (a summary)

The meeting was actually called to order early as a quorum was already present. Minutes from November’s meeting were approved. President Hills announced the Captain Tipton would be unveiling the new CHCRS website at February’s training and Treasurer Smith stated that the fall mail-out donation influx is down to a trickle with the annual budget not yet met. Chief Lewis reported that the application for the Community Foundation grant had been completed and submitted. One

exciting thing announced was by Unit Director Freeman regarding a proposed law called the Volunteer Emergency Responder Tax Deduction Act that could result in each qualifying person receiving a $6,000 deduction annually if passed. Old business consisted of an update on repairs to Rehab 1 (completed), updates to Cave 1 (completed), and progress towards the acquisitions of a Terradaptor for the squad (not completed). In new business, funding was approved to send up to four members to SEEMSDA training. Two new provisionals were accepted to the squad. Discussion took place regarding the location and maintenance of member files. Two discussions also had decisions deferred until February’s meeting: voting in four new life members and the practice of issuing TARS license plates to inactive members. The meeting was adjourned less than an hour after it began with the next one to be held February 26.